Friday, August 6, 2010

Worst call in MLB history!!!

Umpire Bob Davidson makes an incredibly bad call on a fair ball hit by Gaby Sanchez which would have been a walk-off win for the Florida Marlins against the Phillies. He then went on to make an ass out of himself by giving this following quote.

"I'm very confident I got it right. What the ball did when it went past me is irrelevant." - Third-base umpire Bob Davidson

I posted this video in no way to try to infringe on the rights of MLB but I do want to point out that this guy needs to be fired from the game ASAP! As a fan who pays money to watch his "Florida Marlins" play I'm very upset if nothing happens to this idiot! It's not bad enough that he costs us a game in the middle of the pennant race but he also has the cojones to quote Sarah "nailin" Paylin this ump has to be dealt with. At least the idiot who blew the perfect game in detroit this year said sorry for his mistake after the fact, and not act like a complete moron. Like Mr Bob Davidson... The winner for "ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH!" MLB FIRE THIS MAN!

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