Thursday, November 22, 2012

After a decade of lies now it's time to Occupy!

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For more then a decade now we the fans of the Florida/Miami Marlins have been held hostage!

Only a decade you ask? Why not more I mean this team has never had a good owner since it's inception in 1993, and so far we have had three terrible ownerships in 20 years.

But see unlike the two previous owners the empire build by Darth Jeffrey Loria, and his henchmen have been built on lies, and false promises. Here we all sat after these guys bought the team, and hoped that what happened in Montreal was only a case of bad luck or poor business advice, and that they were going to be different here.

Anything which could give us some sort of confidence that for once we would have a good ownership which would bring a winning tradition to this town.

2003 came around, and thanks to the work left behind by Dave Dombrowski, and a couple of good moves by the new owners front office we won the series...Hope has arrived right? Not so fast.

This is where our hostage problem began... Knowing full well that they needed a park of their own in order to survive Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria lied to the Miami-dade tax payers about the team's finances, telling them that they needed to get out of the football stadium they were playing in but couldn't afford to build it on their own.

Now I don't know about you but I wouldn't buy a team if I didn't have the money to own it, run it, and build them a new home without the help of the city... But that's just me! I don't like to spend out of my means.

Now It became clear right after that series that instead of a fire sale the style of 97 this would be a slower fire sale. Yes gone were Preston Wilson, Charles Johnson, and Cliff Floyd before the world series but as soon as the series ended in 2003 we lost more players. Some who were here a short time like Pudge, and others who they sent packing who had been here all their major league careers like Dereck Lee.

Over the course of the next couple of years it became very clear that if we the fans didn't support the owners in building them a new home they would have to keep letting players go. The one player which we all wanted to keep was soon on his way out too because he was deemed to expensive. His name is Miguel Cabrera. You might have heard of him he was the 2012 triple crown winner.

Miguel Cabrera was our farm product that we produced.. A possible future hall of famer, and the fans loved the guy.  The team made a clear choice, and one which had forever haunted them. They chose to keep Hanley over Miguel.

After getting nothing valuable in return for Cabrera it started to become clear that making trades was not the strong suit of this ball club. Not one player we got for him is here with us today. Detroit raped us in that deal.

Over the course of the decade almost all the draft picks have flopped, and trades have failed.
They have only 2 decent draft picks in this entire decade, and well one is now gone in Josh Johnson. The other one is upset with the club right now because of all these moves, and will be gone soon if he gets his way. I'm talking about Giancarlo Michael Stanton who was the only bright spot on this team, and only 1 of 2 starters from last opening day left on this ball club. The other Logan Morrison who could soon see himself in a new uniform also. Seems like those two, and starter Ricky Nolasco who is the only other player left who's been here for more then a season or two is also on the way out.

Over the last few years the term "Firesale" took a new wording a less offensive one given by the ownership. "Market correction." But we all know that was a nice way of saying "Firesale" and that's what they have done every year until MLB stepped in, and they told the owner that he had to spend money because the owners are getting mad that he keeps pocketing all the revenue sharing. So he spent a little of money on the team but kept the payroll at a level which was middle of the pack in the National League.

Only after the Miami-Dade County Commission agreed to finance most of a new $634 million dollar park did documents get leaked out proving the team was indeed profiting from revenue sharing, and had lied to the public.

But by then Loria already his park approved thanks to the support of the fans, and the crooked politicians who helped... So he made a promise to the public that when the park opened up that the team would have a competitive team, and a good payroll which means they will spend money.

Come opening day 2012, and it looked like he kept his word! He went out, and opened the wallet, and he signed a bunch of terrible players for way too much money. Jose Reyes $106million ???? That my friends is just a joke. There is no way I would ever pay that much for him... EVER!

Heath Bell, and of course just the year before he signed John Buck... Only one player they brought in actually did well, and that was Mark Buehrle who was in the White Sox system his whole career, and speaking off the white sox to top it off he got their loud mouth manager who he had been with his whole career as manager, and yet they couldn't wait to dump  him.. Wonder why... And look can you believe it only cost us 2 prospects. So the fans were excited about all these pick ups as many thought this was a sign which we were on our way to winning!!! Right? Well not so fast Fish fans.

See I saw a lot of fans go nuts buying the ugly new hats with the rainbow logos on them, and the ugly jerseys, and all sorts of things in support of the teams new vision of the future with their new park opening up. Life was good in Miami!?

Well wait I wrote about how Hanley had hitting issues, and why they were not trying to fix them, and I did this on Marlins Nation the site, and it was early into the season, and was called a hater after I bashed all these signings last winter.

You see the funny thing is I wasn't fooled! I knew this was all coming, and what gave it away was that all the contracts the owner gave out this past winter of 2011 were back loaded, and had no trade clauses on them. Why? So they could stage this exact fire sale that just happened! Make no mistakes about it folks this whole thing was planned out! The fact they ended up in last place both of the last two seasons is not by accident.

They knew exactly what to do in order to make the team so bad that they simply couldn't compete with the other teams in the National League East... See They went, and signed a bunch of terrible players, and they did it on the idea that if the team sucks bad enough they would have an excuse why to dump the high payroll idea, and adapt a more "Oakland A's" or "Money ball" philosophy.

In other words it was all a big lie! Why did they wait until 2012 to do this? Well see going back to what I wrote here when MLB stepped in, and made them spend some money they had a 3 year agreement with the team. That agreement ended when the final pitch of 2012 was thrown. Meaning now they can spend as little as they want again, and pocket all the money they want again.

You see folks had this franchise actually made these mistakes giving out contracts to players who didnt deserve them like Jose Reyes, and John Buck, and to go with getting nobody in return for a Future hall of Fame player like Cabrera well who ever the GM was would be fired right now on the spot! Unless it was all staged, and planned out like a case of the X FILES.

Maybe Baseball needs it's own "Mulder & Scully" to look into the things that Jeffrey Loria gets away with... Maybe they need someone to Occupy them! Well here we come... This Tuesday November 20th outside of Miami Marlins Park we started our protest.

We were not many, and the media has laughed at us but we will grow, and in time they will understand that we won't stop until there is a new ownership. Make no mistakes here Jeffrey Loria, David Samson, and the rest of you clowns.


This town is fed up with your lies, and you need to leave Miami, and go back to your art dealers in New York where you belong. Here I bring you a video of some of the protesters outside the park... This is the first of many videos... It's time we Occupy The Marlins.

You can also read my column over on Marlins Nation.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Force is strong with this one...

So as most of you know by now George Lucas has sold Lucasfilms to Disney, and they plan on putting out more Star Wars movies starting in 2015. The new series of films are being worked on now as we speak.

Yesterday word came down from Lucas himself via the Official Site Michael Arndt To Script VII!! Plus more news! Will the new trilogy have the original cast? Well Harrison Ford says he's down. But only if he dies! WTF? Anyway check out the quote from Disney/Lucasfilms.
Michael Arndt to Write Screenplay for Star Wars: Episode VII

November 09, 2012

As pre-production of Star Wars: Episode VII begins, Lucasfilm has confirmed that award-winning writer Michael Arndt will write the screenplay for the new Star Wars film.

As revealed in the ongoing video series posted here on, Kathleen Kennedy and George Lucas have begun story conferences with Arndt.

Arndt won an Academy Award® for Best Original Screenplay for writing Little Miss Sunshine (2006), and was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing Toy Story 3 (2010).

For more news about Star Wars: Episode VII -- slated for a 2015 release -- keep checking
 Watch for yourself George, and Kathleen talk about what's happening with the new movie coming out in 2015.

So with all the good news rolling in for us Star Wars nerds! Further news rolls in from one of the original cast members as Harrison Ford Rumoured To Want “Death Clause” Deal For Star Wars Sequel!

First Bill Murray with this death crap for GhostBusters 3, and now Harrison Ford also wants to be put to death if he signs on for another round as Han Solo in the new planned sequel trilogy set after the events of Return of the Jedi.

It's already been announced that these will be original stories, and with this comes a lot of buzz of when they will be set in the timeline established by George Lucas, and the Extended Universe.

As a fan I can only hope that we get to see the original cast in some form. If Solo has to die to make this happen then so be it.

I want to see an older Luke Skywalker, and a new bad guy that can be as equally as badass as Vader. This is all a fanboy wants.

Here is the info!

Harrison Ford is said to be happy to come back for the next Star Wars movie… though he may just have a particular clause in mind for his contract.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Harrison Ford will be happy to reprise the role of Han Solo, pending the confirmation of script and director.

Also word came out that he maybe also asking for the character to be killed off, just as he originally wanted to happen in Return of the Jedi.

Ford’s desire to die was thwarted by Lucas in order for Han Solo toys to continue to be made... Maybe some of that Disney magic will make it happen this time out.

The report does make it clear that all three of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Ford are keen to take part in this next generation of the saga. A source calls them “upbeat”:
Harrison is open to the idea of doing the movie and he’s upbeat about it, all three of them are.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, and welcome 2012!

I cannot believe 2011 is now a thing of the past my how fast this past year has gone by us, and as I type this I think of all the things that happened to me on 2011 some good, some not good, and some even great I might say.

But mostly overall 2011 was an interesting year for sure. See starting off I've been involved with two great radio stations which I'm very proud to be involved with.

Did another entire year of my radio show "Tha Jackals Head" and wrapped up the first full season of Outtasite Radio with my good friend Mr Outtasite himself! Good times there.

This year I got to meet one of my radio heroes who's been that since I was a young teen, and I now call him a friend in Jorge Rodriguez, and was able to meet the rest of the SoFlo Radio staff who has been great to know even tho for some odd reason he hates me now for some reason I was very proud to call Luis of the Pow Wow a friend this year again even if he hates me now, and he's someone who I spent some time with this year at two conventions along with his lovely wife Journey "Producer Pumpkin" Charles, and his kid who's a great kid. Also got to thank Jason Staska for all his help this year he's been amazing! Boca Brian, Monica, and like I said the whole SoFlo staff which I consider like family now thank you, and welcome into my world.

This year saw me re establish an online friendship which I lost due to another person's gossip... Got to reestablish my friendship with another old friend who I have not spoken to since 2002, and we now are on speaking terms again which makes me very happy as he's a dear friend of mines, and I missed having him to speak to so yes this year has brought people back to me, and overall has been a very interesting year indeed.

I hope 2012 is as special or more so then 2011 was but I look forward to whatever it brings, and hope to continue to build on relationships made this past year, and before it. I know I don't know everyone personally on my "friends" list on FaceBook but even those of you who have been added to my friends list, and have been very nice over the years thank you, and wish you all a great new years.

To all who listen to my show thank you for tuning in, and downloading the archives, and I promise to continue to try, and make the show better, and better just for you. You are part of my extended family, and I only do the show for you. I will always welcome all feedback, and suggestions from listeners, and will continue to be available for anyone who would like to talk to me in private.

I love you all... Happy new years!