Sunday, September 17, 2023

Talking to guest Amy Holem of "Aimees Audios - Alternative Media"

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Talking with Paul Ieson about the re-release of his books!

Paul Ieson is a long time and his past work is coming back with new publishers and he's come on to share the new work he's got out now and you can check out the work "Immortals Among us: Life as a Human" [Print Replica] Kindle Edition on Amazon. More are on the way and the story is pretty cool and I can guarantee you will love it... The new art work is cool even had me thinking it was another followup book at first. But it's a re-release of his original book. Exciting stuff happening with him and we had a great time on the show talking about it.

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Sunday, June 18, 2023

Check out the new PSN eBay Store!

 Hey guys just got this back up and selling on the eBay store for the network... Haven't sold on there in years but I've been listing items got 3 on there now. Got a new banner on the left side there for the store... Hope all can check it out.

This is where I will be selling a lot I hope... Also the TeePublic stores we got which got some killer merch! PLEASE hit all the stores up. The links are below see if there is anything you like. Make my smile last... 👳

Saturday, June 17, 2023


Now hope all is well my friends as you know I haven't podcast any new content since December 2022 due to some health reasons I will only talk about on air so you must hear the show to know more information. But I will be streaming both video 1 night, and Audio 1 night during the weekends. While I'll still record during the "Audio Only" sunday shows the video will be only for when I have a guest on and we want to promote. 

The Saturday show will be on Video Live and I'll be joined by friends, and do mostly news on that show no "special guests" or interviews from people who I'd like to have on to promote their work. But the shows delay is an interesting one and I look forward to sharing with you all what's been going on with me and in and out of my crazy head since last I made a podcast. 

For now those two nights are the ones I plan to be on air as I don't plan on producing shows for others unless they hit me up on Patreon Site for Angel Espino first and as thats my main source of help during these troubled days. I do hope that those who watch or listen do take the time to check out that patreon page and become an Angel Investor at least.

Also at the moment I'm booking shows for Sundays and got some cool people locked in to come out and join me so it will be fun for the rest of the year at least. Speaking of which 2024 is fast approaching and as we know we have a big year a head with a big election which we must all help get the right man elected. So friends enjoy the shows from before and those coming up. 

- Angel "Jackal" Espino