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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Meet 'MING OF MARS'! Found by The MARS Revealer himself!

ANOTHER FACE OF MARS WITH NEARBY PYRAMIDS… What do you see? Found by the one and only our own Gary Leggiere better known as “The Mad Martian!” or the “Mars Revealer” as we like better… He’s been in the front lines finding all sorts of amazing things on the red planet that NASA doesn’t want you knowing about for years now. Make sure you look at these pictures carefully and tell us what you see in the comment section. 

 “I HAVE NAMED THIS COOL FACE OF MARS!” said Gary in his Facebook post and he’s followed that by naming it the ‘MING OF MARS’! A Good name considering if you look close you can indeed not just see facial features but a “Ming” like face with beard. Good find if there isn’t just one structure which shows a face but dozens this has to mean something, and why our NASA has not looked closer to these sites with the hundreds of millions spent on the rovers we got up there should tell us something.

What I love here is that the face sticks out sure but look at all the odd looking features around this amazing structure. There is a lot to see here folks, and I Just wonder how much longer are we going to be made to wait before they show us close up images of these things that we the people keep finding while NASA and these crooks keep looking for “bacteria” or “water” on the Red Planet, and literally using our tax payer money to tell us nothing.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Rabbit Punched now on YouTube!

Now airing .... ready or not here is Rabbit Punched. A program about politics and the many versions of the truth. Step into the ring with Angel, Gerald and Spud.

Saturday, March 6, 2021


Well sort off... There is this two bit wannabe actor Bob Clendenin who's like a D Lister at best and he's on twitter always slamming Trump, and instead of being focused on his own life this lowlife spends it still slamming the President even after he's left office, and this character is oblivious to facts. We had a very funny back, and forth. Which went for hours. And it all started on a post by Patton Oswalt... Another leftist moron. Here is some of it...

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Inside Tha Jackals Head Guest Kerry Cepero

Joining my show tonight will be the one, and only Kerry Cepero the Author of the books "WARHEAD" & "Looking Back" + much more... He will join me to both give us an update on how he's doing these days since it's been sometime since he was with me on The Round Table Show which is now off air as you might know. But at one point Kerry was a regular on the show, and so was our good friend Pete Hernandez III who has since passed away. Febuary 5th will be the anniversary of the passing of our good friend, and very talented illustrator the late Pete Hernandez III.

In his memory we wanted to come together, and talk about Pete who I met at comic con in 2011, and had a ton of love for even after we had a misunderstanding shortly before his passing. I loved the guy as a friend, and miss the heck out of him. So join us as we look back at his life, times, and share our memories of him, and his fine work. While also checking in with the latest that Kerry is working on today. 

Check him out on AMAZON: Join us on video or

 Audio: just follow the links below. Audio:

Sunday, January 24, 2021

INSIDE THA JACKALS HEAD "Keystone Pipeline more fall out! AOC Says dumb shit again! & Trump is BATMAN!"

Jackal Head OK So tonight I shall talk about you guessed it! The new Biden/Harris Misadministration, and what the first 4 days now have looked like. This folks will be something you cannot miss I got some clips here which drive the point home of just how bad the damage is already from day 1, and how it will continue. Just 1 executive order alone has caused major damage. Also AOC is back at it again, and she needs to be spoken about once more.
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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Calling out AOC for being a moron once more! After the Capital protest...

So the "Martian of Stupid" as I call her cause she cannot be of this planet and she's like a female "Martian Manhunter!" She's evil. But that we all know... Here on this video I put together a little answer back to her bullshit, and slander to not just the POTUS Donald Trump but to all white Americans. I'm Cuban by birth, and raised in America. I'm mixed myself, and hate racism. I voted for Trump, and I'm neither Republican or Democrat. I'm Independent. I vote for who I think holds my values, and my views align to, and Donald Trump was that person, and til I die he will go down as the best President I've seen... The left has spent years, and Millions of our Taxpayer money on enriching themselves, and communist countries. But this idiot AOC is such a lunatic, and she's radical communist/socialist liar. Hope you guys enjoy this video... I plan to make more like this with you're support I will never stop, and will never give in as long as I got breath in my lungs... Stand tall patriots we got some major issues to take care off, and it's time for us to be louder, and more vocal then all the democRATS.

PSN TV LIVE: Inside Tha Jackals Head! Talking about the Impeachment hoax 2.0

PSN TV LIVE: Inside Tha Jackals Head! Talking about the Impeachment hoax 2.0! Got tons of clips my friends, and a lot to say about the lying, and hypocritical way the media, and the online big tech are treating not just TRUMP but his supporters, and that's 70Million people folks. To listen live remember check out first! Share this podcast pages... Also check out Angels Patreon page over at

House Democrat Urges Banks to Cut Ties With Right-Wing Groups.. Yeah it's happening folks...

Ok so Dan Bongino just posted this earlier, and this folks should anger anyone who has a logical mind! I'll be reading this on my podcast tomorrow, and thought I'd share it here on my blog. Which by the way is going to be my main source of posting all my blog news and info for this show, and stories which I will feature on my shows from now on. As I want to make this blog more useful and updated then it's been in the last few years. Anyway to the story itself. Now as many know now the country is entering what could be considered the darkest days of the republic, and this one year, and past election to me signals the downfal, and end of the country we once knew. The left has got too strong, and their criminal minds are so corrupt and evil it's impossible to see the difference between a congress person, senator or criminal behind bars now.

They have got so in control of the media, and power they posses has shown that they can not just censor the President but they can stage events during his own rallies to make him look bad, and to overtake the minds of people who supported him into thinking he's evil. The facts are not in the favor of the left but their narrative, and spin is endorsed by BIG TECH & THE MEDIA because they're all soldout to China, Communism/Socialism, and the enemies within the country are trojan horses for those evil people who are trying to stage... Wait who have staged the real inssurection or "Coup" of this country. The radical leftist... These people are marxist, and evil, and as Dan points out on his show, and I do on mine they want us conservatives of independant people (like me since I don't belong to either major party.) to die, and vanish. They want us gone! Like Hitlers Genocide of the Jews. Now if you think I'm playing look at what Dan wrote...

"Political pressure on private institutions has reached extraordinary levels in the past week. With the Democrats’ victories in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, national Democrats have felt empowered to exert raw political pressure. According to POLITICO, House Democrat Emanuel Cleaver, a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee recently urged “banks and other payments companies to cut off individuals and organizations linked to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.”

In a letter to the Electronic Transactions Association, Cleaver directly named groups such as the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Rise Above Movement. Cleaver exerts pressure on banks by noting that members of these “far-right groups” may utilize crowdfunding platforms to assist with their legal defense. Cleaver states, “any banking they do is enabling them to carry out their dastardly desires.” Whatever one thinks of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and his acquaintances, one cannot deny that Tarrio, like any other American, deserves legal representation. Defenders of civil liberties like the American Civil Liberties Union are notorious for their defense of politically disfavored groups seeking to have their constitutional rights represented.

Unfortunately, progressive politicians have found it expedient to bypass their constitutional constraints by exerting political pressure on private businesses that may assist in the lawful execution of constitutional rights. Representative Cleaver is seeking to ensure that individuals like Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio are not afforded access to everyday tools like banking. 

And if history is any guide, this is just the beginning. Those who wish to silence conservatives start with the “radicals” because that’s the least controversial – and then move on to the rest of us. After all, if they can deplatform the President, is there anyone they can’t?

Cleaver’s efforts are reminiscent of the 2013 Department of Justice initiative, Operation Choke Point. The Obama-era initiative sought to pressure the banking industry into not doing business with “lawful businesses in an ideological crusade based on personal disdain.” The effort consisted of regulators using their authority to use “backroom pressure tactics, including threatening the jobs of…bank executives with criminal prosecution unless they cut off banking relationships with…lawful businesses.”

Such tactics have become commonplace in Congress as progressives have found it far more efficient to exert political pressure on the financial sector rather than to defeat their ideological foes in the marketplace of ideas. Similar efforts have been successful in the social networking space, as members of Congress have pressured the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to purge President Trump and his supporters from their platforms. The formula is rather simple: pressure major social intermediaries (deeply entrenched financial firms and content distribution tools) to do your bidding or else fear the wrath of regulation, litigation, or antitrust."

Notice something guys? They mentioned.. "
Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Rise Above Movement" What about "Antifa & BLM" you know the ones who caused over 150Billion in damages to private, and federal properties all in 2020's Summer of love and chop? This folks shows you who and what the real threat, and enemy is to this country. This is a total take over of the nation by the evil radical left, and they're not going to stop until they make us all bow down to them, kiss their feet, and beg for mercy, and say "we're sorry we ever voted for evil Donald Trump." This is what's coming, and they can kiss my ass, and suck my right testical I will never bow down to anyone, man or woman. 

I don't break the law, and in this country we have the right to free speech, right to vote, and pick, and vote for whoever we fucking want. They're trying to take over this country, and us proud patriotic Americans need to resist these evil clowns. We are the republic... They're the empire. This is our STAR WARS... Consider me a JEDI...

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Inside Tha Jackals Head With DR. Mary Helen Hensley

Tonight my friends I’d like to welcome DR. Mary Helen Hensley to talk about her books “Understanding is the New Healing,” “Bringing Death To Life” & “The Promised Trilogy / Promised by Heaven”

Listen Live:


BIO: “Healing with Sound, Vibration, Frequency and Light”

Wit, Wisdom and Wow are synonymous with Dr. Mary Helen Hensley. Her marriage of no holds barred humor and honesty, coupled with integrity and compassion make her one of Ireland and Europe’s most sought after metaphysical healers and synergistic speakers. After receiving a BA in Communications and Graphic Design from Coker University in Hartsville, SC, Mary Helen was involved in a high speed collision in Charleston, SC which resulted in a Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Riddled with injuries, including a broken neck, she went on to earn a Doctorate in Chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. Endowed with the gift of “downloading” an individual’s biography in order to change their present state biology,

Dr. Hensley has facilitated the healing process for countless individuals...

Author of nine books, including “Promised By Heaven”,co-author of the number one best-seller, “Bringing Death To Life”, and “Understanding Is The New Healing- Miraculous Recoveries from Physical and Emotional Trauma.”

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Inside Tha Jackals Head Tribute to Jorge Rodriguez

So this pas week while the rest of the country was celebrating the independence of the country and setting off fireworks outside little did I know that my radio mentor, friend, and partner on the networks PSN Radio & SoFlo Radio Jorge Rodriguez had passed away July 3rd from a sudden heart join us as we pay tribute, and celebrate our good friend, and my radio mentor the great Jorge Rodriguez....... Rest in Peace

Website to listen live: &

Skype callers look up PSN RADIO
Phone number to call in: (786) 245-8127
I found out a couple of days later thanks to Tony C one of the hosts on "SoFloRadio" which clued me in since I had been so busy I hadn't noticed the post on Jorge's page, and others didn't know how to get to me. He figured out via Skype, and gave what til now has been the worst news in my life after my mother passing.
Nothing can top my mother passing in 2016 as the worst moment in my life, and I remember that moment like it was yesterday.. The look on her face as she left this world still haunts me.
Losing Jorge was like losing my brother.... I truly had a great time knowing him, and spending time with him, and tonight we're going to do something special... I'm having a bunch of folks call in, and they will say they're words on Jorge in a sort of radio Eulogy to our beloved friend, and have what I hope are good memories we can share with you our listeners.
Jorge meant a lot to the world, and I don't think he fully understood it, and more often then not we tend to overlook brilliant people until they leave us... This might have been that case with Jorge. He's one of the smartest guys I ever met in my life. I miss hims o much already, and know his friends, and family do also.
So far I've got a nice list of friends who are joining the show who knew Jorge well.... Like Sabrina Rodriguez Jorge's oldest daughter, Tony C, Joe Castello, Brian "Beast" London, Monica Uribe, and many more we hope. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

China: 3D printer manufactures ten houses in one day

Glasses, bone replacement, speaker, sculptures, miniature versions of ancient ships - 3D printers can now produce many very different things. But what a company in Shanghai has now managed is very impressive, and thanks to recent progress: This company has printed ten houses within a day.

The houses are relatively small: you only have one floor and a floor area of ​​no more than four by six meters. According to the website "" is a house cost about 4800 U.S. dollars. The company Shanghai winsun Decoration Design and Engineering have been working on the process for years.

The 3D printer is used segments of about 50 centimeters in width forth, which are erected vertically and then put together piece by piece. As printing material in liquid concrete, which the company wants to make from recycled building materials used. "There will be no waste in construction remain" winsun CEO Ma YiHe said loudly "". Hundreds of such house segment printer should be set up throughout China.

Thus, the segments remain relatively light, the walls will not be printed as a massive, 30-cm-wide layers, but with large holes in between - similar cavity blocks. The original used a document created on the computer 3D model. Openings for windows, water or power lines could be easily taken into account.

With 3D printers, especially prototypes or objects are produced in small numbers so far. The material used are plastics, synthetic resins and metals used. The ability to make each object as a three-dimensional copy principle is not without risks for the economy. Market researchers warned recently warned that it thus had to adjust to a new wave of piracy, the rights holders billion could miss out on revenue. [Original Source]