Saturday, April 1, 2023

LeBron feeling Blue or not? Won't pay $8 he says!

The so called "King" LeChump, LeCrying... LeBron James! That guy is at it again running his funny mouth about some dumb stuff. Now since we know the facts about who he is as a person through his own behavior it seems one thing he wont be anymore is checked BLUE on Twitter as they charge $8 a year or month not sure but I think to have that used to mean a lot when Twitter was being ran by MARXISTS and it was used by all who could "Mattered" to the people running twitter.

Well it meant your account was somehow more legit then others. But now ELON owns Twitter and the money is used to pay other things like to help on the overhead of running the company considering he spent 44Billion to buy it I'm sure he's trying to find ways to make the company become profitable. Also it keeps people out from being verified who don't care to take part in other things which open up already for those with the check mark and things in the future as part of being a member.

Also I think there are other colors not just blue! They got Yellow, and Silver or Gray and maybe Red also all meaning different things. Makes sense and this being a capitolist society Elon has every right to chearge a few bucks and have it for "members above the normal free accounts"... Again no biggie!

But what I find hilarious is when one of these leftist sports figures or actors come out saying it like a threat. LeBron... NOBODY GIVES A S--T!

I even tweeted to him directly! Check it out.

I Can't wait for him to retire for real... I stopped watching the NBA cause of LeBron and won't come back until he retires.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Guest spot on Fish Stripes!

Well this is cool! As you all know I'm a big baseball fan and a BIG Miami Marlins fan and for me having watched 4 world series live from "1988-1989" in California to "1997 & 2003" in Miami Florida!

I've been a fan since I was a kid and my father is the man to blame. He took me to all those games even when we had moved to Miami in 1985 he went back to Cali with me to see them two WORLD SERIES sine one of my uncles (his brothers) still lived out west and always got us tickets to the playoffs, and WS games if we we're able to go.

As of luck got to see all those home games out there, and then it repeated itself here in Miami when the Marlins known then as "Florida Marlins" went to the World Series.

As of luck got to see all those home games out there, and then it repeated itself here in Miami when the Marlins known then as "Florida Marlins" went to the World Series.

So while I've done very little of my own in terms on podcasting sports in the past I've been a fan of baseball as most who know me know and so when I was check out videos online I like watching mostly Marlins, and Rays coverage these days and the videos of Fish Stripes on YouTube is a show I've enjoyed for a while now.

As the new MLB season is starting up I really wanted to show them some love for the outstanding work they do on their shows. Also asked if I could get to jump on air with them and talk some baseball soon. They had a spot coming up so I'm going to join the guys and talk some Marlins baseball.

Ely Sussman is the main dude I spoke to there and he's got a nice show going on there.. It's always an cool to be a guest on someone else's show especially when it's a fun show to chop it up about baseball or something other than the normal stuff I get into with my guests.

So coming up Monday at 5:30pm est. soon as the recording is ready to roll and it's posted I shall post it here on this site, and my other ones also. As of now not sure if they will air it live or pre record and upload later but I'll keep you informed and I'm sure it will be on their site for your viewing enjoyment.

But for now friends check out their site and enjoy the show they put on and if you're from the SoFlo/Miami area.

So show them some love by subscribing to them, bookmarking them so you could keep up with the latest info on the Miami Marlins.

UPDATE: 04/03/2023

Hey guys so here is the video of myself on the show... Hope you enjoy it, and I didn't stink up the place! :)

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Return of the JACK!

I know what you're thinking! "Where has tha jackal gone? And where is the gods show? Where's the street-wise Hercules To fight the rising odds?", and well Boonie I'm coming back officially 2023! 

Also the website as you may have noticed has gone from GoDaddy to BlogSpot due to mony reason as GoDaddy was costing to much money on SSL and hosting. BlogSpot I get the same features for free! So this switchover was a long time coming but it needed to happen. So I hope you all enjoy the new site.

Now due to my health I've been off air and I'm right now current'y trying to get disability coverage to help with my health. As you mostly all know this show doesn't really bring in much cash to none these days. 

This is why I opened up Angel Espino to help scrape by. I'm still hurting so please show me some love and make yourself a Patreon or show me some direct love over on PayPal.

I'd like to thank the few who have joined so far, and would beg more friends online to help with a small monthly Patreon support. 

As for the show bookmark it as it shall return for more episodes inside my head where I shall be taking on topics which as you know range from Political, Paranormal, Conspiracy, Tech, Entertainment, Sports, and things I like to kick around in the inner darkness known as my brain.

2023 looks to be an interesting year and 2024 is right around the corner, annd we all know what that means!!! Election '24 are you ready? I know I am.

The Kraken is about to be released! Now I know we didn't have a "RED TSUNAMI" as some called it but I never expected that. We got the house next we take the Presidency back. Best news tho is Nancy Pelosi will be gone by 2024 so let's hope we have a good time in '24.

Anyway look a lot is coming our way and while I haven't done a show in a while god willing I'm alive past this years end. I turn 45 on DEC 30th after all and well I should be much more active in 2023 and 2024 if I make it out alive. lol Wish me well.

But getting my disability claim taken care off first is more important as it will help with my health which is in bad shape still. So wish me well, and see you all in 2023. 

From you're local friendly neighborhood Jackal.