Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Having on Kathleen Marden was a real treat
Just wanted to post about how happy I was with my recent interview with Kathleen Marden who was so gracious to stay the full hour, and a half on the show. Really for me interviewing her brings my whole recent career in ufology come full circle because the very first episode about ufology I did was on the Betty, and Barny Hill case.

For those who might not know I started doing Radio in 2008 on a site called "BlogTalk Radio" and while my show was not about ufology when it started my love of the subject, and interest in the subject steered me towards doing shows about ufology topics.

Back in late 2008 my then co host "Trustee" left the show and I started to do shows on my own, and in different topics instead of just talking sh*t for an hour. Over the months that followed Trustee leaving the show I decided to do a special on the Betty and Barny Hill case with guest Jesse Randolph Singer of Ufonaut radio.

That show sure was fun, and that lead me to doing more shows on the subject next thing you know I'm having people like Travis Walton, steve bassett, a many big names in the world of ufology.

So to be able to interview the niece of Betty & Barny Hill brings the last few years full circle for me.

I wanted to thank her in this blog for doing an interview on the show, and would love to have her on again down the road in the very near future.

The wonderful thing about doing radio is that I've been able to talk to people that at one point I would only have had dreamed about meeting.

So once again Thank you Kathleen.

To listen to the episode click here!

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