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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Well folks after 3 years of doing radio on Saturday, and Sunday nights the show will find it's way to a new time slot! Friday night at 10pm est! This will start on January of 2012. The rest of this year we will continue our normal time slot.

The show will also now be a 3 hour show consisting of interviews, news, and music! I know some are asking why am I cutting back to 1 night a week? Well the simple answer is so that the show gets better! I feel that if we do this show as a 3 hour show once a week it will be much better then how it's being done now.

Why move it to Friday? Well to finally be able to have a Saturday, and Sunday off for a while... Friday just works well for me, and so Friday it is.

So once again the show is not dying as some might have thought or hoped! ha! The show is just moving time slots, and will now be a 3 hour show starting Friday January 6th at 10pm est!

So get ready folks because 2012 is going to be a fun year!