Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goodbye 2011, and welcome 2012!

I cannot believe 2011 is now a thing of the past my how fast this past year has gone by us, and as I type this I think of all the things that happened to me on 2011 some good, some not good, and some even great I might say.

But mostly overall 2011 was an interesting year for sure. See starting off I've been involved with two great radio stations which I'm very proud to be involved with.

Did another entire year of my radio show "Tha Jackals Head" and wrapped up the first full season of Outtasite Radio with my good friend Mr Outtasite himself! Good times there.

This year I got to meet one of my radio heroes who's been that since I was a young teen, and I now call him a friend in Jorge Rodriguez, and was able to meet the rest of the SoFlo Radio staff who has been great to know even tho for some odd reason he hates me now for some reason I was very proud to call Luis of the Pow Wow a friend this year again even if he hates me now, and he's someone who I spent some time with this year at two conventions along with his lovely wife Journey "Producer Pumpkin" Charles, and his kid who's a great kid. Also got to thank Jason Staska for all his help this year he's been amazing! Boca Brian, Monica, and like I said the whole SoFlo staff which I consider like family now thank you, and welcome into my world.

This year saw me re establish an online friendship which I lost due to another person's gossip... Got to reestablish my friendship with another old friend who I have not spoken to since 2002, and we now are on speaking terms again which makes me very happy as he's a dear friend of mines, and I missed having him to speak to so yes this year has brought people back to me, and overall has been a very interesting year indeed.

I hope 2012 is as special or more so then 2011 was but I look forward to whatever it brings, and hope to continue to build on relationships made this past year, and before it. I know I don't know everyone personally on my "friends" list on FaceBook but even those of you who have been added to my friends list, and have been very nice over the years thank you, and wish you all a great new years.

To all who listen to my show thank you for tuning in, and downloading the archives, and I promise to continue to try, and make the show better, and better just for you. You are part of my extended family, and I only do the show for you. I will always welcome all feedback, and suggestions from listeners, and will continue to be available for anyone who would like to talk to me in private.

I love you all... Happy new years!