Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FINAL SHOW OF THE YEAR! W/ Stephen Bassett

That's right folks The season Finale is here! This is the last “Jackals Head” of 2011…. That’s right there won’t be another episode until January 14th 2012! So what better way to end the season then to have on our favorite guest Mr Stephen Bassett himself!

Of course the topic at hand the Disclosure Petition II – “The Rockefeller Initiative” have you signed it yet?

IF not you better get your ass here now! 25,000 signatures must be obtained within 30 days of submission so we have until Dec 31 2011 (My birthday by the way!) to get enough signatures to make them listen, and to ensure a response from the White House.

Spread the word via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, email and websites. All nations can sign.

To listen to the show live only at &

1 comment:

  1. what do you think about the petition? I dont see it working for example is the american goverment really going to admit sorry but yea we been lieing for 64 years and admit the non terestrial phenomena now present on earth and very evidently from the dawn of civilization itself

    but i sign anyway just to add the numbers up and to show them the public are waking up to this


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