Sunday, May 5, 2013

Art Bell says he won't be returning to radio!

Very sad for all us fans of his show but looks like radio legend Art Bell isn't coming back to radio anytime soon. At least that's what he just said.

Turns out we did come close to getting him back on radio, and from the looks of his post he's not very happy with the current state of Coast 2 Coast AM the show he built, and created.

As sad as it is knowing he's not coming back to radio honestly I can't blame him for saying no. Radio is very demanding, and he's got a wife, and daughter. He should spend his time with them, and living a relaxed happy life, and so I wish him well, and I'm happy to see that he's happy.

That's all that matters... Here is a post he put up a few hours ago on his facebook wall telling his fans that he decided against returning to radio.

Coast 2 Coast AM has become rather stale the last few years. I've all but stopped listening really the last few months, and don't miss it much. Art Bell returning to radio would be amazing, and sure we all want it but he's not getting any younger, and he's got a family he wants to spend time with. Cannot blame him one bit. Good for you Art. Enjoy life brother. 

Any thoughts on his decision on turning down his two proposals? Drop a comment below!


  1. I don't know I still like Coast to Coast. John B Wells being on there has really kicked it up a notch.

    1. I totally agree...John is a class act all by himself. However, I would love to see Art return. I'll never quit missing his show...and Dream Land I loved Dream Land and the bumper music ...remember the melody? "The O of Pleasure" it always reminded me of bubbles lots of bubbles floating everywhere. Aaaah memories, good memories...

  2. I can't stand John B Wells. All he wants to do is sell you things based on fear.

    1. Like Art Bell did with Y2K?

    2. I do like John ...but I'm really glad you reminded us that Art done the same thing for a year on Y2K. however I do wish Art would return...

    3. He can't sell anything we don't wanna buy.
      So please don't accuse him of something he's not doing. I haven't heard him sell anything that somebody bought and wants to return....ooooooops.....wink

  3. Have you noticed that is active? Nothing major, but the fact that after all this time the domain is in use makes me think (and hope and feverishly pray) that something might be in the works.

    Art PLEASE come back!!!!

  4. Yes, you built it Art, but you also gave it up. Remember why? Was it you scared the bejesus out of everyone with Y2K and sold Millions of dollars of goods and NOTHING HAPPENED?

    George Noory is doing a good job. So leave it alone. If you don't want to compete then quit complaining and just retire and live on your reputation.

    1. You must be perfect. I hope the day never comes when you express yourself and get charged with complaining.

  5. coast to coast is not much to come into anymore...there was a stir of intrigue with Art...even the callers we loved to hate never calls anymore. For the most part (and I use the term loosely)Georges guest's are a waste of a good time slot and are down right boring as far as I'm concerned...I look forward to John B on weekends...unlike George he has his Conservative convictions and doesn't flip-flop, he stands his ground, he's extremely intelligent, informative and doesn't talk above our heads. Keep the topic and conversation at ground level and you have and hold the listeners attention.

  6. I am a long time listner of the show and like it but I would rather listen to Art Bell any day or nightof the week. COME BACK ART, DON'T LET US LISTENERS DOWN IN THE UK.

  7. Well I really don't know if Art even ok!Just seen a video about this guy who went down to the Philippines and to interview Art,but the addresses he had there was no sign of Art and his family!No one seen or heard Art except online!So I really hope he is OK and happy!I'v been listen to C2C A.M. since the late 80s and miss Art terribly!Art if you're out there please give us a shout so we know you're OK!!!

  8. Art Bell has returned to the radio airwaves on SirusXM channel 104 10pm to 2am with a new show Dark Matter. is back too.


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