Sunday, July 14, 2013

[inside] Tha Jackals Head [The Zimmerman Verdict] America in SHOCK!

So after a year, and many weeks of court the verdict of Not guilty was given by a clearly lunatic bunch of Jurors. The man GUILTY of killing Trayvon Martin has been set free.

The entire justice system is broken folks. We now can kill children, and get away with it in Florida. First Casey Anthony, and now George Zimmerman.

Tonight the fall out over the Not Guilty verdict is here… This is an incredible miscarriage of justice.

Open lines I want to hear from anyone who has an opinion on this case, and also I will play audio from the case, and will speak my mind on this trial. Or Miss trial as it really it is.

The state attorneys who prosecuted this case should all lose their license. They were horrible in this case, and fumbled their way into a loss. I believe they did this on purpose as they were paid off. This is the only way they could have messed up this bad.

There was truly no justice for Trayvon, and now a murderer walks free… There will never be justice for an innocent 17 year old kid who did nothing wrong other then be a black teenager in a white neighborhood.

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