Saturday, January 16, 2021

Calling out AOC for being a moron once more! After the Capital protest...

So the "Martian of Stupid" as I call her cause she cannot be of this planet and she's like a female "Martian Manhunter!" She's evil. But that we all know... Here on this video I put together a little answer back to her bullshit, and slander to not just the POTUS Donald Trump but to all white Americans. I'm Cuban by birth, and raised in America. I'm mixed myself, and hate racism. I voted for Trump, and I'm neither Republican or Democrat. I'm Independent. I vote for who I think holds my values, and my views align to, and Donald Trump was that person, and til I die he will go down as the best President I've seen... The left has spent years, and Millions of our Taxpayer money on enriching themselves, and communist countries. But this idiot AOC is such a lunatic, and she's radical communist/socialist liar. Hope you guys enjoy this video... I plan to make more like this with you're support I will never stop, and will never give in as long as I got breath in my lungs... Stand tall patriots we got some major issues to take care off, and it's time for us to be louder, and more vocal then all the democRATS.

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