Saturday, January 16, 2021

House Democrat Urges Banks to Cut Ties With Right-Wing Groups.. Yeah it's happening folks...

Ok so Dan Bongino just posted this earlier, and this folks should anger anyone who has a logical mind! I'll be reading this on my podcast tomorrow, and thought I'd share it here on my blog. Which by the way is going to be my main source of posting all my blog news and info for this show, and stories which I will feature on my shows from now on. As I want to make this blog more useful and updated then it's been in the last few years. Anyway to the story itself. Now as many know now the country is entering what could be considered the darkest days of the republic, and this one year, and past election to me signals the downfal, and end of the country we once knew. The left has got too strong, and their criminal minds are so corrupt and evil it's impossible to see the difference between a congress person, senator or criminal behind bars now.

They have got so in control of the media, and power they posses has shown that they can not just censor the President but they can stage events during his own rallies to make him look bad, and to overtake the minds of people who supported him into thinking he's evil. The facts are not in the favor of the left but their narrative, and spin is endorsed by BIG TECH & THE MEDIA because they're all soldout to China, Communism/Socialism, and the enemies within the country are trojan horses for those evil people who are trying to stage... Wait who have staged the real inssurection or "Coup" of this country. The radical leftist... These people are marxist, and evil, and as Dan points out on his show, and I do on mine they want us conservatives of independant people (like me since I don't belong to either major party.) to die, and vanish. They want us gone! Like Hitlers Genocide of the Jews. Now if you think I'm playing look at what Dan wrote...

"Political pressure on private institutions has reached extraordinary levels in the past week. With the Democrats’ victories in the Georgia Senate runoff elections, national Democrats have felt empowered to exert raw political pressure. According to POLITICO, House Democrat Emanuel Cleaver, a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee recently urged “banks and other payments companies to cut off individuals and organizations linked to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.”

In a letter to the Electronic Transactions Association, Cleaver directly named groups such as the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Rise Above Movement. Cleaver exerts pressure on banks by noting that members of these “far-right groups” may utilize crowdfunding platforms to assist with their legal defense. Cleaver states, “any banking they do is enabling them to carry out their dastardly desires.” Whatever one thinks of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and his acquaintances, one cannot deny that Tarrio, like any other American, deserves legal representation. Defenders of civil liberties like the American Civil Liberties Union are notorious for their defense of politically disfavored groups seeking to have their constitutional rights represented.

Unfortunately, progressive politicians have found it expedient to bypass their constitutional constraints by exerting political pressure on private businesses that may assist in the lawful execution of constitutional rights. Representative Cleaver is seeking to ensure that individuals like Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio are not afforded access to everyday tools like banking. 

And if history is any guide, this is just the beginning. Those who wish to silence conservatives start with the “radicals” because that’s the least controversial – and then move on to the rest of us. After all, if they can deplatform the President, is there anyone they can’t?

Cleaver’s efforts are reminiscent of the 2013 Department of Justice initiative, Operation Choke Point. The Obama-era initiative sought to pressure the banking industry into not doing business with “lawful businesses in an ideological crusade based on personal disdain.” The effort consisted of regulators using their authority to use “backroom pressure tactics, including threatening the jobs of…bank executives with criminal prosecution unless they cut off banking relationships with…lawful businesses.”

Such tactics have become commonplace in Congress as progressives have found it far more efficient to exert political pressure on the financial sector rather than to defeat their ideological foes in the marketplace of ideas. Similar efforts have been successful in the social networking space, as members of Congress have pressured the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Google to purge President Trump and his supporters from their platforms. The formula is rather simple: pressure major social intermediaries (deeply entrenched financial firms and content distribution tools) to do your bidding or else fear the wrath of regulation, litigation, or antitrust."

Notice something guys? They mentioned.. "
Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, and the Rise Above Movement" What about "Antifa & BLM" you know the ones who caused over 150Billion in damages to private, and federal properties all in 2020's Summer of love and chop? This folks shows you who and what the real threat, and enemy is to this country. This is a total take over of the nation by the evil radical left, and they're not going to stop until they make us all bow down to them, kiss their feet, and beg for mercy, and say "we're sorry we ever voted for evil Donald Trump." This is what's coming, and they can kiss my ass, and suck my right testical I will never bow down to anyone, man or woman. 

I don't break the law, and in this country we have the right to free speech, right to vote, and pick, and vote for whoever we fucking want. They're trying to take over this country, and us proud patriotic Americans need to resist these evil clowns. We are the republic... They're the empire. This is our STAR WARS... Consider me a JEDI...

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