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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Inside Tha Jackals Head Guest Kerry Cepero

Joining my show tonight will be the one, and only Kerry Cepero the Author of the books "WARHEAD" & "Looking Back" + much more... He will join me to both give us an update on how he's doing these days since it's been sometime since he was with me on The Round Table Show which is now off air as you might know. But at one point Kerry was a regular on the show, and so was our good friend Pete Hernandez III who has since passed away. Febuary 5th will be the anniversary of the passing of our good friend, and very talented illustrator the late Pete Hernandez III.

In his memory we wanted to come together, and talk about Pete who I met at comic con in 2011, and had a ton of love for even after we had a misunderstanding shortly before his passing. I loved the guy as a friend, and miss the heck out of him. So join us as we look back at his life, times, and share our memories of him, and his fine work. While also checking in with the latest that Kerry is working on today. 

Check him out on AMAZON: Join us on video or

 Audio: just follow the links below. Audio:

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