Sunday, November 27, 2022

Return of the JACK!

I know what you're thinking! "Where has tha jackal gone? And where is the gods show? Where's the street-wise Hercules To fight the rising odds?", and well Boonie I'm coming back officially 2023! 

Also the website as you may have noticed has gone from GoDaddy to BlogSpot due to mony reason as GoDaddy was costing to much money on SSL and hosting. BlogSpot I get the same features for free! So this switchover was a long time coming but it needed to happen. So I hope you all enjoy the new site.

Now due to my health I've been off air and I'm right now current'y trying to get disability coverage to help with my health. As you mostly all know this show doesn't really bring in much cash to none these days. 

This is why I opened up Angel Espino to help scrape by. I'm still hurting so please show me some love and make yourself a Patreon or show me some direct love over on PayPal.

I'd like to thank the few who have joined so far, and would beg more friends online to help with a small monthly Patreon support. 

As for the show bookmark it as it shall return for more episodes inside my head where I shall be taking on topics which as you know range from Political, Paranormal, Conspiracy, Tech, Entertainment, Sports, and things I like to kick around in the inner darkness known as my brain.

2023 looks to be an interesting year and 2024 is right around the corner, annd we all know what that means!!! Election '24 are you ready? I know I am.

The Kraken is about to be released! Now I know we didn't have a "RED TSUNAMI" as some called it but I never expected that. We got the house next we take the Presidency back. Best news tho is Nancy Pelosi will be gone by 2024 so let's hope we have a good time in '24.

Anyway look a lot is coming our way and while I haven't done a show in a while god willing I'm alive past this years end. I turn 45 on DEC 30th after all and well I should be much more active in 2023 and 2024 if I make it out alive. lol Wish me well.

But getting my disability claim taken care off first is more important as it will help with my health which is in bad shape still. So wish me well, and see you all in 2023. 

From you're local friendly neighborhood Jackal.