Saturday, June 1, 2024

Talking to guest Roger Hanson - 06/02/2024

Hello again! Time for another adventure inside my dark mind... Bookmark it now! June 2nd 10pm est. Sunday  night live on audio over at these two station &

First 35 minutes will be me bringing everyone up to speed on my news and after we come back from break I'm having on guest Roger Hanson who I recently met at a Diddy party! Just Kidding! LMAO!

It was a Neroke 5 event which I don't think most will be ok with listening too or watching. Some dirty things have been known to been said by this one guy named "Rearsome." ... But anyway.

The show will be live on audio and the video part with Roger will be on YouTube uploaded later on.

Don't forget my links people!

Guest info:
Roger Hanson and you can find him on Minds, and discord. He also streams on Odysee, Rumble, and YouTube. He said he doesn't have Bitchute or Facebook accounts. The man is on Rumble his stream is Live with Roger Hanson, where he host several show like Tech Talk, Roger's Realtime Talkshow, Minds Roundtable Weekend Event, and Summer Todd's Mystery Show.
He's also on YouTube, where on Tech Talk on his channel called Working with Audio and Video. Minds Roundtable Weekend Event is also on his main channel "Roger Hanson, and Summer Todd's Mystery Show" and that's on "The Wonderful World of Weirdness."
He also has a gaming channel and works with other gamers as well... his gamer name is "infamousog1973" and has a gaming channel called "Gaming with Infamous." He also collaborate with "Nostalgia Gaming Retro" on YouTube. Besides those two channels he's also involved with "Home Away from YouTube," where he does interviews with online gamers on both YouTube and Rumble. Also he host local musicians and allow them to share the music on the channel.
You can find Home Away from YouTube, Gaming with Infamous, and Nostalgia Gaming Retro on Discord also.

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