Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Joined by Oscar Benjamin 07/07/2024

Hello again! Time for another adventure inside my dark mind... Bookmark it now! 10pm est. Sunday night live til Midnight! Only on audio over at these two stations:

https://psn-radio.blogspot.com & http://sofloradio.com

First hour will be me bringing everyone up to speed on my news and after we come back from break I'm having on guest and fellow podcaster who was once on The Round Table Show with Zodwriter, Johnny Alpha and myself. Those we're fun times and Oscar was a major part of this as he's one hell of amazing person.

Guest info:
Oscar Benjamin is from Oakland, California originally but his work has taken him all around this country. He's a very talented man as a B.T.S. Photographer in the Entertainment industry, Reporter/Photographer at IndieBlush and Radio Talk Show Host at Public Streaming Network! YEP That's our podcasting home.

Studied Film at San Francisco State University Attended from 1981 to 1985 and his Past work with KHQT-FM.

I've had the pleasure to call him a friend, and brother over the last decade plus and hope we're life long friends. He's a special loving and talented man. And I want him to be on more and more now that I'm online again doing the show. 
From being on The Round Table Show to his own podcast playing and speaking about some of the best classic soundtracks from his long list of musical catalog.

A Talented photographer to the stars his work is both amazing visually but he's able to capture moments so special it really brings you into the moment.


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