Thursday, May 13, 2010

My personal blog!!!! The world has now officially come to an end!

Yes folks the dark days are here, and yes we are nearing the end of the world! I Tha JackaL now have my own fucking blog. A place where I can write down whatever dribble I want to share with my virtual friends out there.

Since I've been doing my shows I've been amazed at how many folks have asked me if I posted any blogs anywhere, and while I have a ton of different websites I really never got into blogging, and so I never really did what I'm doing right now.

I find it odd that people get a kick of reading the random thought of a stranger but hell if this helps to make some of my so called fans or friends happy then I will be happy to keep this blog updated as much as possible.

This will be linked directly into my SHOWS main site which is hosted on the Spruz website, and while I will be doing my blogs here please bookmark the main page, and look around it I have done major updates to it, and will continue to add new stuff to it as time goes by.

As some of you folks know I'm also part of P.S.N which is our main network for our shows.
This past couple of months I've had a wonderful time at times with these shows, and some very odd times as some of you know but with the future comes a chance for change, and I have put a lot of thought of what I wanted to do with my shows Tha JAckaLS Head, and Skywatchers Radio TV, and so I will have some major announcements soon on both ends.

Skywatchers Radio TV is a show which is going to grow by leaps, and bounds with a show that hosts this much talent we can't go wrong.

As you might not yet know! Jamie Havican is back with us as a co-host, and so is Dennis Crenshaw who is best known from the show Unraveling the Secrets, and the Hallow Earth Insider.

The line up looks solid for the time being I mean it doesn't get better then this "Jesse Randolph, Rick Osmon, Jamie Havican, Dennis Crenshaw" and yes ME! lol I think we all share a love for the unexplained, and the paranormal, and well ufology at the core. This is what binds us I guess it's like our Ring or our "precious." So please check in with us on Skywatchers Radio TV every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 9pm est only Paranormal TV Network aka The Peoples TV Network.

And ofcourse for our BLOG TALK RADIO fans we do our show as well on every Friday night at 11:59pm right on blog talk radio.

And as for Tha JackaLs Head well look out for new upcoming news with that show to be delivered very soon! But for now the show is on Blog Talk Radio also every Saturday/Sunday night at 10pm est for 2 hours.

So keep checking up on the main site guys, and on this blog site for more news, and other items I will be posting on here. I will try hard to drop by and post at least once a week.

But don't hold me to that! :)