Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Travis Walton UFO Story...DEBUNKED??? I Say bullshit!

So as some of you might know by now there is a posting online of someone trying to debunk the Travis Walton story.

Well as some of you might know Travis has been on my show "Tha Jackals Head" and I've spoken to him a couple of times, and we have mutual friends, and such.

I want to go on the record first off by saying that I believe Travis Walton 100% and that I am by nature a skeptical person in all things paranormal, and I'm the type of person that I have to see it to believe it, and well this story after years of doing my homework, and actually speaking to the man, and seeing for myself the kind of person Travis is.. I can say without a doubt that he's as honest as they come, and is not lying about a thing.

But this thing has spread, and people are talking about it so I figured I would go on record here on my blog, and speak on this.

The original post was from a site called IMDB it was back in 2007 when someone named "clearmind212003" posted in the "Fire in the Sky" link about how the Travis Walton case was a hoax.

Read through the entire thread and if you know about this case, and do even a little bit of homework the lies which are told will pop right out at you!!! I will point some out in this post myself.

Now like I said I know Travis, and have interviewed him myself, and I will say again that I believe him 100% and im a skeptic, and when I speak to Travis I can get a feel for the man I'm speaking to, and he's a genuine, and down to earth person, and he does not seem to me like someone who would lie, and make up a story, and that's from knowing him, and speaking to him off air, and on air.

If you believe this bullshit IMDB post then your a total moron, and that's clear because the guy lies flat out.

For one he claims that
Walton will tell you in his book [The Walton Experience] that he passed a lie director test twice and so did all of his co-workers, what he doesn't say in there are the questions that were asked to him and his co-workers, my uncle saw the questions that were being asked, like did you see lights in the sky, did a light come upon you, did a light follow you in the truck, those are the questions that were asked to Travis Walton and his co-workers so he wasn't lying about what he was saying, something else Travis Walton does not tell you in his book is how Dallas was sent to jail 1 month after the apperent abduction for three years for failing a drug test and selling drugs

First lets start with Dallas... If you know or speak to Travis he makes no bones about Dallas having a rocky past, and life but what you think the Aliens are going to NOT take Travis because "Dallas" might have been doing or selling drugs! That's a total joke of a statement, and if Dallas went to jail that's his personal life it has zero to do with anything else.

He, and Travis were not friends they were co workers, and they just happened to all share this amazing experience... That's all!! So again what happens to Dallas a month or year or decade AFTER the event is not important, and stupid to bring up.

Now as for the lie detector tests... Well that was just a pure fabrication by this guy! Here are the questions which were asked of Travis Walton when he took the test.

On February 4, 1993, a polygraph examination was administered to Mr. Travis Walton. The purpose of this examination was to determine whether or not Mr. Walton was being truthful in his statement about seeing a UFO and being abducted by the UFO plus other facts surrounding the abduction.

During the pretest interview, Mr. Walton said he had worked for Mike Rogers intermittently for about six years on a seasonal basis. He never socialized with any of the crew.

On November 5, 1975, they had worked a little later than usual trying to meet the contract commitment. By the time they were driving back to town, the sun had gone down but there was some light, like twilight.

As they were driving, he could see a glimmer of light in the trees ahead. At first he thought it may be a downed airplane. The light was unusual. As they neared a clearing he saw the object he called a UFO. This object will be referred to as a UFO throughout this report.

As the truck came to a stop, Mr. Walton got out. Believing it may take off, he walked briskly towards the UFO but slowed his pace before reaching it. He described it as being round and hovering about 20 feet above the ground. He did not go underneath it but stood there looking up at it. He said the UFO started to wobble slightly and make a noise. Mr. Walton said the noise was like a low rumble that developed into a higher pitch that seemed to increase in frequency. At this point he became afraid and decided to go back to the truck. He recalls being hit with an electrifying type of shock that stunned him, leaving him unconscious.

He recalls he slowly regained consciousness. He found himself in a small room that was damp or humid. He had pain throughout his body but mostly in his chest and head. He then saw three creatures he described as being about four feet tall with large, dark eyes. He was lying on some type of table. As these creatures approached him he got off the table. There was some type of shelf near the wal1 where he found a straight pipe­like object lying on it. He describes it as being round like a piece of pipe but lightweight. He cannot recall if it was solid or hollow. He picked it up and started to lash out at the creatures to keep them at bay. The creatures left the room by an open doorway, turning right.

Mr. Walton walked to that doorway, looked down a hall and he went left. He walked into another room, trying to find an exit from this enclosure. He did not know if he was in a spaceship or a building. A human­like creature came into the room, took him by the arm, leading him to another very large room where several more human­like creatures were. By this time most of the pain was gone. He was forced down on a table and had a mask, similar to an oxygen mask, put on his face. He does not remember anything else until he awoke next to the road, just outside Heber. As he regained consciousness, he looked up, seeing the UFO or one similar to the original one, hovering overhead. As he looked up at it, the UFO sped off into the sky.

Mr. Walton said his story is true. He said accusations made about him are lies. He had not been on any drugs of any kind. He was not hiding out somewhere on the Gibson ranch. He urinated in a jar and this sample was given to Dr. Kandell later that same day. Mr. Walton denies he conspired with Mr. Rogers to perpetrate a hoax to help him get out of the Turkey Springs contract with the Forestry Service.

Two series of questions were asked to cover all the areas we believe were important.

The relevant questions asked and the answers given are as follows:

Series #1:

Question #R1:

On November 5, 1975, in the forest area called Turkey Springs, did you see a large glowing object hovering in the air?

Answer: YES

Question #R2:

While you were standing near that UFO­like object, did you believe you were struck by an energy source emitted from that large object?

Answer: YES

Question #R3:

After regaining consciousness in a small, humid room, did you see nonhuman creatures with large dark eyes?

Answer: YES

Question #R4:

Did you conspire with your brother Duane or anyone else or act alone to stage a hoax about your UFO abduction?

Answer: NO

Series #2:

Question #R1:

Between November 1 and 11, 1975, did you use any drugs, either legal or illegal?

Answer: NO

Question #R2:

Between November 5 and 10, 1975, were you hiding anywhere on the Gibson ranch?

Answer: NO

Question #R3:

Was the urine sample given to Dr. Kandell on November 11, 1975, your first voided specimen following your UFO experience?

Answer: YES

Question #R4:

Was this UFO incident a conspiracy to help Mike Rogers get out of his Turkey Springs contract?

Answer: NO

Mr. Walton's physiological responses were monitored during the presentation of these questions by means of a Scientific Assessment Technology's Computer, Model CAPS 700. The following responses were recorded on this instrument's strip chart: relative blood pressure; skin conductance; thoracic and abdominal respiration. Data from three presentations of these questions were respiration. Data obtained for each series, and were subject to numerical scoring and computer­based analysis.

The numerical score of Series #1 was +34. The numerical score of Series #2 was +26. In the system of numerical scoring developed and validated at the University of Utah, total numerical scoring of +6 or more is considered indications of truthfulness.

The computer­based analysis returned a posterior probability of truthfulness of .964 in the first series, and a .961 in the second series. These indicating that charts like these produced in each series, by Mr. Walton, are produced by truthful examinees 96% of the time.

Based on the numerical score of the polygraph charts and the computer based analysis, it is the opinion of this examiner that Mr. Walton was being truthful when he answered these relevant questions.

And just so you know that Cy Gilson was a skeptical person at the time, and came away a believer of this case.

So this alone proves that the person who wrote that crap has an agenda out against Travis, and is lying to try to hurt the credibility of this good man.

Travis Walton is a father, and a husband, and an honest person... I believe Travis 100%, and I know that whoever is behind this post is full of b.s.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet boys, and girls because a-holes, and evil people are on it doing the things they do to advance their agenda, and obviously if there is some sort of agenda to make ufology a joke you need to target the big cases, and make them look bad, and that's whats going on here.

Travis Walton's case is by far the most important, and most authentic ufo abduction case EVER that has been reported, and the man has not changed his story in 3 almost 4 decades, and also if he was some sort of drug addict or junkie you really think he would pass a lie detector test?

I mean seriously that shit doesn't even float guys...

I call bullshit to this whole debunking post on IMDB, and I will say that I stick behind this case, and Travis Walton sir you have my full support.

- Tha JackaL


  1. Considering the fact that it took so long for this story to come out i have no other conclusion but its again somebody trying to get attention from someone well known ..

    The case has been investigated and these facts would have been come out during investigation...

  2. Yeah the person who wrote this post clearly has an agenda, and is trying to get attention by using Travis Walton's good name.

  3. I have followed the story of Travis Walton since it first appeared in the newspapers right after it happened. This so called "Debunking" shouldn't even be commented upon. A quick look at the facts and anyone can see this yo-yo hasn't even done his homework. I believe that what is going on here is a guy who wants to use the timing of the reissuing of Travis' book and probably plans to put out his own piece of crap. If I wanted to waste my time I'd tear this pack of lies apart and scatter them to the wind. It ain't worth it. The first question is: why didn't the sheriff expose this back when it happened or any of the time in between? The answer is it's all in the head of his son. It didn't happen. There was no conspiracy. Travis Walton's Experience happened. Period. . . . Dennis Crenshaw, Unraveling the Secrets

  4. Yes it did. This is good too separate empathy and knowledge.

  5. Agenda? Yep... this "clearmind212003" is obviously after something. All his information seems to be 2nd, 3rd hand hearsay. I'm left wondering just when his book is being released.

    R-R aka Profundity

  6. while I have looked into the travis case myself and agree theres been a huge amount of fabrication on this and the film idustry portraying the beings as nasty as is the usual style with such films and they never care much about the facts if at all,

    travis was horrified at the film telling people that was not what happend, I do how ever find that this ''MASK'' information to be new, I have never known travis mention this in any interview,

    what seems to be evident to my research is that travis got to close to how this craft operates and was struck by some kind of electrical build up in energy needed for the craft to fly , he was then probably taken aboard to try and bring him back to a good health , all the demonizing of our visitors has always come from lies and a human source ,indeed if alien visitation was hostile they probably never of made it to a interstellar ability anyway, we humans for example can bearly stop killing ourself on earth let alone begin to travel the stars peacefully,its an ability i belive that requires a level of wisdom and love we are only just developing, there is more here that you have not said ,and that about travis entering a room that quite possibly is the cockpit or pilot room of this craft ,indeed i find it doubtfull you have net travis but i cant prove that ethier way im just going on a gut feeling

  7. correction going over info, he did mention a mask, my bad, but to be acurate on these things is in my opinion very important

  8. NO Junkies would never pass a lie detector, not someone taking mind altering drugs with no concept between reality and fantasy.. Dont make me laugh by trying to bebunk a debunker by using that logic.. A junkie would easily without even trying be able to pass a lie detector test, as he would not know the difference between reality and fantasy.. they become merged and a junkie could tell you pigs fly and it would show as being truthful on a lie detector

  9. i cant believe someone had the guts 2 do that.

  10. I would like to see the so called facts spoken about in this blog cited so that others can see for themselves. I've not seen a single piece of evidence beyond the "story" of what was supposedly said. This kind of "he said, she said," crap has gone on long enough. I'd like to see facts and figures, please, otherwise this is pure entertainment and horse shit.


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