Saturday, January 26, 2013

Will JJ Abrams will still be involved with Star Trek 3?

Now that word is out that JJ is the new director of STAR WARS Episode VII word also has come out that he will still continue on his Star Trek adventure, and possibly even as director. No nerd should have this much power!

Well for sure it's certain he will indeed be on as producer but yes he might still have a chance to come back, and direct the next installment of the Trek series.

All he would have to do is jump right back into it after he finished STAR WARS. When the news broke last night most fans thought to themselves well what's the future hold for Star Trek now?  The answer didn't take long.

Well now we know that Abrams is set to serve as a producer on both the third Star Trek movie and the next Mission Impossible (presumably under his 'Bad Robot' banner). Today it was confirmed by Rob Moore Vice Chairman of Paramount Studios"J.J. will continue to develop projects for us including a new ‘Mission: Impossible,’ and he is committed to produce another ‘Star Trek," he said. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Abrams won't direct the third installment like I said all he would have to do is just go from Star Wars back to Star Trek, and continue forward if he chose too.

However, that may end up being dependent on whether or not Disney will want him back for Episode VIII & VIII bbecause they want to turn out new movies every 2 years. So this brings up a new question... Is this deal for the new trilogy of STAR WARS Films? Or just Episode VII?

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